Areas of work

Technologies related to signal and image analysis, computational intelligence, machine learning, computer science, and electronics are integrated.

Facial biometrics

Facial recognition for identification, registration, detection, and identity verification. Applications include video surveillance, digital onboarding, access control, among others.

Traffic analytics

Vehicle identification and tracking for traffic density and flow estimation; license plate recognition; detection of driver inattention.

Cattle surveying

Computer vision and deep learning-based tools for cattle identification and counting using aerial images or videos captured by drones.

Cadastral registration

Multimodal registration and identification of building changes, surveying of green spaces, remote sensing using aerial and/or satellite imagery.

Crop analysis and counting

Detection and counting of plants and trees from images or videos. Generation of crop statistics regarding quantity, size, spatial variability, pigmentation, and other parameters.

Assistive and rehabilitation systems

Exergaming-based systems for the assessment, tracking, and management of motor rehabilitation and physical fitness evaluation. Implementations using embedded systems, balance platforms, depth cameras, etc

Crowd estimation

Counting of people in massive events or crowds, recognition of suspicious behaviors. Applications of video surveillance in protests, processions, attendance tracking at concerts, among others.

Document processing and retrieval

Identification of different types of documents, text recognition, digitization, and automatic extraction of content from accounting invoices, personal identifications, legal documents, among others.

Covid - 19

Computer vision and artificial intelligence technologies for monitoring people during pandemic periods: recognition of mask usage or face coverings, monitoring of social distancing, etc.

Our work process

During the development of projects, we employ the following methodology in an interactive and fluid manner with our clients.

Partners and clients