Smart cities

Traffic data analysis and monitoring

One of the ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) applied to smart cities that has experienced significant growth is video analysis, defined as the autonomous understanding of events that occur in a scene monitored by one or more cameras. Video analysis methods for transportation engineering have multiple applications: vehicle control through license plate recognition, quantitative measurement of flows for optimization of traffic routes, long-term analysis in the search for specific vehicles, among others. In this way, it is possible to address traffic problems such as congestion, delays, travel times, level of service, and road safety.

Vehicle detection system for traffic density estimation, size-based counting, flow statistics at intersections, and route usage.

Smart cities

Crowd size estimation

Monitoring and counting individuals in situations of medium and high density is a key component in various areas, ranging from marketing applications to public safety management. These methods can obtain data such as sampling the number, distribution, and dynamics of attendees at mass events, participants in demonstrations and/or processions, the number of people at public transportation stations, squares, shopping malls, etc. The collected information can be used to analyze and recognize crowd behavior, improve service offerings and advertising, optimize city resource availability, among many other applications.

People counting system in a scene, identification of “hot zones” based on congestion, estimation of total attendees using statistics on aerial panning videos.